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5 Health Innovations to Make Your Life Easier This Year

SEPTEMBER 29, 2020
5 Health Innovations to Make Your Life Easier This Year

From Rx Med Packs to No-Touch Thermometers, These Innovations Are Simplifying Your Access to Healthcare

It can be difficult for health to be your top priority when healthcare isn’t convenient. In this economy, there are many new challenges we face.

Luckily, the world of healthcare is changing to meet the needs of communities today and beginning to increase the convenience of healthcare with incredible innovations that make your life simpler. 

Here are five health innovations that will make healthcare safer and more accessible for you: 


When you take multiple different medications, pill organization can be a nightmare. Not only do you need to remember when to refill each prescription but also what specific days and times you need to take certain pills. It’s a lot to keep track of. 

With this problem in mind, the pharmacy of the future launched Rx Med Packs which makes it super easy to take your medication. This pharmacy does all the work when it comes to refilling, packing, and organizing your pills. 

Here’s how it works, once you provide the pharmacy doctors with all of your information, including your medications and insurance, the pharmacy will: 

  • Transfer all of your prescriptions from your previous doctor or pharmacy
  • Sort your pills by day and time
  • Separate them into individual, easy-to-open packets that are each labeled
  • Schedule your contactless shipment

With this new health innovation, you can receive your pills each month, already organized and ready to take on time. 

Get your first Rx Med Pack here

Meal Delivery Services 

A large part of having good health, a strong body, and an alert mind bath is tied to your diet. Eating well-balanced meals every day can lead to better overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, shopping for fresh groceries each week isn’t always doable and cooking your own healthy recipes every day isn’t easy. 

This is why we consider meal delivery services to be such an amazing health innovation for this year. Services like these have been around for years, but only recently have they grown in popularity, diversity, and affordability. It’s an easy option for those who don’t have the best mobility or access but still want to have a healthy diet. With the meal services providing no-contact delivery right to your front door, it’s incredibly safe and convenient! 

Here are the best meal delivery services with healthy options to check out: 

  • Home Chef ($7 per meal with new options every week)
  • Sun Basket ($72 per week for three meals for two people)
  • Freshly ($50 per week for four meals)
  • Every Plate ($39 per week for three meals for two people)
  • Blue Apron ($60 per week for three meals for two people)

There are many more great meal delivery service options available, these are just a few! So make sure to do some research and find the one that offers food you like and a price you can afford. 

There is truly no drawback to staying healthy and safe with meal delivery services!


Even with proper social distancing, sitting in waiting rooms and having in-person doctor appointments can be stressful. It’s important to continue to keep up with your health but also to feel comfortable and stay safe. 

Telemedicine, or virtual doctor appointments, is the access to health-related services and information via technology such as phone calls and video calls. Simply put, you can meet with a range of doctors over the phone and receive healthcare, prescriptions, and diagnosis. While telemedicine began as a form of healthcare years ago, it has been significantly improved in the past year and grown into an incredible resource. 

The biggest benefits of utilizing telemedicine are that you enjoy greater convenience, more access, and lower costs. You can be in the comfort of your own home and receive great healthcare. 

Each time you have an upcoming doctor’s appointment, make sure to inquire about telemedicine options!

No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Up to a few years ago, our at-home thermometer technology hadn’t really changed. For years most households have been using the standard yet reliable ear thermometer. However, with social distancing measures and the desire to check temperatures more often, this type of device is no longer as practical. 

Quite quickly after the pandemic started, no-touch forehead thermometers were introduced to the market, and they are a great health innovation for all types of homes and families. You can even easily purchase one for $25 on Amazon!

With these forehead thermometers you simply have to hold it up a few inches away from an individual’s forehead, and within seconds you get an accurate reading. There’s no need to worry about sanitizing the thermometer or getting too close to the individual you are testing. This is especially convenient when you have family or friends visiting you at a safe distance. 

Healthcare Apps

It’s incredible how much information we can receive about our help from an app on our smartphone. 

With innovative technology like this, it is now easier than ever to take a more personal approach to track your health, especially when it comes to vitals, diet, and fitness. With all of us leaving the house less and having lower access to outside services, new and improved healthcare apps are extremely helpful. 

Here are the apps we recommend by ease of use: 

  • HealthVault
  • myPHR
  • CapzulePHR
  • Medical Records
  • My Medical
  • GenexEHR
  • Healthspek

With these, you can have healthcare right in your pocket!

The Healthcare of the Future

When it comes to movies, books, and your favorite foods, it’s great to be nostalgic. However, for good healthcare it’s important to look toward the future and adopt the great innovations that are occurring. 

With more affordable and easier access to reliable healthcare, you can continue to stay on top of your health and feel better than ever!

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